Why choose Pukekos?

Children need hands-on, real context experiences to develop socially, emotionally, and physically. These experiences happen most naturally in play.

Play is how children learn and make sense of the world around them. During play children try new things, solve problems, invent, create, test ideas & explore. As every parent appreciates, these early years are a time of curiosity, discovery and learning. Our priority is to provide rich experiences for learning while playing in a stimulating and nurturing environment for your child. At Pukekos we too want to see your child grow into a competent, confident, caring person with sound learning habits and a ‘life-long’ love of learning, it’s what we do best!

Why is outdoors so important?

Our beautiful, natural environments connect children with nature & give them space to explore and make sense of the world around them. As well as the physical benefits of the great outdoors, it provides children with other exciting and challenging adventures where they can enjoy the wonders of planting and growing, discovering bugs and insects, making huts, roasting marsh mellows on an open fire. Our large outdoor areas allow plenty of space for children to create their own activities & adventures as well as other great kiwi experiences. Our environments both indoors and outdoors are filled with intriguing learning activities. Pukekos children discover practical life skills, sensorial exploration, mathematics, science, problem-solving, communication skills, creativity and imagination.


What do the experts say about us?

Pukekos received the highest ranking - Very Well Placed from the Education Review Office, placing Pukekos in the elite group of early childhood services in NZ.

“Pukekos is consistently effective in promoting children’s wellbeing and learning with high-quality performance in relation to ERO’s evaluation indicators.”

“Pukekos Educare value childhood and the community in Ngatea, Paeroa and Thames. They have created beautiful sensory spaces where children and teachers are able to play and learn fully immersed in aesthetic, respectful, fun and nurturing environments. If I was a teacher I would want to work there, if I was a child I would want to play there, and if I was a mum or dad I’d just get my ass down to the office and enrol right now!”

Toni Christie – Director Childspace

What else happens at Pukekos?

  • Fun, love and laughter, squeeze hugs and tickles
  • Good old kiwi backyard adventures in natural settings
  • Passionate, creative teachers
  • Community participation
  • Transition to school sessions
  • Teacher and Parent Education opportunities
  • Parent Socials and get-togethers
  • Trips and Centre Events

Teaching Position Available - see "teach with us"