a day at Pukekos

These are the routines and activities I explore at Pukekos and here is what I am learning when I am involved in all these activities.

My teachers know that developing new skills takes time, so they are patient with me and let me explore new ideas at my own pace. They also know that whatever activity I seem to be interested in is just perfect for my own individual level of development. They don't compare me to other children or have extreme expectations of me.

Being in a fun place like this helps me develop and get ready for the next level , school. (If I was ready to be at school, I would be there already, but my teachers know that there is so much for me to learn before I get there, that is why they provide such amazing experiences for me to do at Pukekos!

These are just some of the things we do at Pukekos. We have awesome adventures, discover & explore new knowledge and skills in: construction (developing early design and mathematical skills and problem solving); play dough (encourages the development of arm muscle needed to learn writing); face painting, (encourages creativity and is confidence-building); play board games (this helps learn to focus and also assists with literacy and numeracy); do puzzles, (this helps us with hand and eye co-ordination, so that we can learn to write, it also helps us to become problem solvers). My teachers are all educated with degrees in Early Childhood Education, or are in training as Early Childhood Teachers, so they know a lot about how children learn and what to expect.

You can ask any one of them for ways in which you can help to help me, or let them know what I like doing at home, because after all, families are a child's first teachers!