ERO Reviews

Pukekos Educare Paeroa ERO Review 2014

Pukekos Educare Thames ERO Review 2014

Pukekos received the highest ranking - Very Well Placed from the Education Review Office, placing Pukekos in the elite group of early childhood services in NZ.

“Pukekos is consistently effective in promoting children’s wellbeing and learning with high-quality performance in relation to ERO’s evaluation indicators.”

ERO – Continued Findings

A strong partnership is built through daily communication among teachers, parents and children. - This interaction helps foster a true love of learning -  one that builds a foundation that will last a lifetime...

An atmosphere of care and respect pervades the centre. - Children demonstrate high levels of confidence and trust in adults. Teachers have worked hard to create a learning programme that provides excitement and challenge for children...

...The centre's learning environment is well presented, attractive and has a strong sense of order and routine. Teaching and learning occur in a range of variable spaces that cater for noisy, busy group or quiet, individual activity. The interesting outside area includes a special activity zone called the "secret garden" where children can interact with natural environmental materials. Teachers organise many activity centres where children are free to explore and experiment with interesting apparatus. The learning environment provides excitement and challenge for children.

Management and educators have worked hard to provide a high-quality stimulating environment - The environment provides challenges for children that builds their confidence, encourages exploration, and discovery... Indoor and outdoor environments are well resourced with quality equipment to support children in their learning.

The programme reflects the centre's philosophy of building relationships, encouraging communication and respect, and allowing children to be explorers who have a strong sense of belonging and well-being.

Teachers integrate aspects of literacy and mathematics and use te reo Māori with increasing confidence. They have high expectations and engage children in activities and conversations that extend their learning and their ability to participate as confident members of the centre community.

The centre is providing a programme that is responsive to children's emerging interests, fosters their learning dispositions, and encourages them to take responsibility for their choices. All teachers notice, recognise and record children's interests, identify learning dispositions, and develop plans to support their further development.

The centre has a good ERO review history and it continues to provide its community with a family-orientated quality early childhood facility.

Trusting and mutually respectful relationships characterise the centre culture. Children and families have a strong sense of belonging to the centre and children's well-being is successfully nurtured in a safe and secure climate.

Teachers are skilled in using a wide variety of positive conversations that encourage children's social development, as well as implementing effective strategies that support children's learning and extend their thinking and knowledge.

The centre's philosophy is strongly evident in practice. There are many opportunities for children to engage in an interesting and stimulating programme and learning environment, where they can develop as capable and confident learners.

A notable feature of the centre is the strong partnership established with centre families. Teachers know children and their families well and make strong links with their lives outside the centre in relevant and meaningful ways.

ERO Criteria