Parent Testimonials

What we think of Pukekos

"Right away you feel at home here, everyone is so friendly and welcoming. The socials for parents are awesome, I need to keep having babies so I don't leave this place!!"

Rhonda S
"I can never get over the calmness and quiet, it feels like there are hardly any children here, and yet it's full to the brim! They are all so happy and content doing their own thing. You'd think with so many children everywhere it would be hectic and noisy! I just don't know how you guys do it."

Maggie W
"The only one who had to deal with separation issues was me!! Even I don't want to go to work, I want to stay and play here too! I can't get my little man to come home!"

Jack T
"I love that my child is getting nurtured through nature, natural learning, outside play, she's so confident and so involved. What a difference a good childcare can make!"

"I've had my children in various centres over the years as we've moved from place to place with work, and I'm saddened that my older children never had this experience. I never knew a childcare centre could be, and do, so much for us as a family."

Shirley M
"What a hard case bunch of people, love the banter and camaraderie."

The Johnstones
" Being a dad I used to hate dropping my kids off, no one talking to me, hearing the crying and noise, but since Pukekos took over, what a difference man, no probs helping the wife out now taking the kids to daycare, I feel welcome, my kids are happy, everyone is happy, I want to stay too! It's choice."

Matt C.
"Pukekos is an excellent, supportive learning environment for kids. Riley has grown a lot and learned many life skills at Pukes. What a great place for kids to grow up."

Maria & John

What we think of the individual E-portfolios

"The guys at work had a go at me for not having the typical wife and kids shot on my office desk, until I made them sit down and check out the e-portfolio! (Brag CD the wife calls it) Watch my little man go! Bloody brilliant concept."

Adam (no surname you know who I am)
"Seriously wicked! So much more than what we thought we were going to get! Thought I'd miss the paper books, but these are sooo much better. Heaps of photos, videos and stories. Getting into putting bits in it ourselves now too. Thanks team you rock!"

The Welsh Clan
"OMG! Such a brilliant idea and so easy to read, keep, copy share in. We love reading the stories it makes us feel like we were right there.The video's ! Awesome! So precious. Thanks team your awesome!"


… and great parent socials too!