How We Learn

We want your child to love learning and discover their true potential as a human being. Our curriculum teaches important life skills and instills in your child a sense of wonder about the world around them. Pukekos provides a balance between freedom, order and responsibility. This nurtures and stimulates the spontaneous curiosity from within, and develops self-discipline and an internal sense of purpose that motivates our tamariki.

Mixed Age Setting

Having younger and older children together occurs naturally at home. Providing a mixed age setting at Pukekos flows naturally on from home life. Your children will develop & learn more effectively in our mixed age environments.(tuakana-teina -relationships between the older person and a younger person is specific to teaching and learning in the Maori context too and an important aspect of our centre life) Solid research indicates that all children benefit so much more socially, emotionally, & physically in a mixed age setting.