The definition of team is ‘a group of people organised to work together'. The selection of the Pukekos team is of strategic importance. Not only do we consider qualification and experience, but other important traits such as team spirit ‘the willingness to co-operate as part of a team. To be able to do that we look for people who care, support, share, listen, respect, and value others ideas, expertise, creativity & humour. At Pukekos team work means co-operative work done with both the children and their parents.

Teaching Team - Our centres are run as a co-operative; this means that each teaching team is responsible for the day to day running of each individual centre. The team is made up of over 80% qualified, registered teachers (in Ministry of Education licensing terms ‘persons responsible’) and teachers in training. While we operate daily in three teams, (Paeroa, Thames, Ngatea,) we operate as one big team in decision making, organizing and setting policy and procedures. All centres operate the same.

Staff work well as a team. This effective team approach is benefiting staff, children and their families. shared vision & joint decision making underpins effective teamwork. Staff contribute confidently knowing their ideas are welcomed and valued. Collegiality contributes to successful centre operations  – Education Review Office.

Teachers in our profession have to be highly skilled, highly knowledgeable and advocates for children and our profession. In our efforts to raise the profile of Early Childhood as the skilled profession that it is, Pukekos Educare considers the following use of language to be important when communicating about our work.
We are teachers (not staff, crèche workers, or childcare workers). Our centre is a learning centre or preschool (not a crèche or kindy). Children are children (not kids).